Monthly attendance reports

We produce an attendance report on a monthly basis to track absences across school. The report shows attendance for the school both with and without health/medical related absence for those pupils who are off school for significant periods of time due to reasons relating to their condition. The report includes:

  • Attendance for the whole school over the month
  • Attendance broken down across classes over the month
  • Attendance broken down across classes compared to previous months

Significant absences are analysed as to cause and discussed in Supervision meetings. Where appropriate the Family Liaison Officer works with the family and class group to send work home.

Please click the link below to access the attendance report:

EDAttendance Report June 2019
EDAttendance Report April/May 2019
EDAttendance Report March 2019

EDAttendance Report February 2019

EDAttendance Report January 2019

EDAttendance Report December 2018
EDAttendance Report November 2018
EDAttendance Report October 2018
EDAttendance Report September 2018

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