Home Learning Support and Outreach 

At Castle Hill School we offer Home Learning Support for all pupils who are unable to attend school for a variety of reasons, which are often related to medical need. 

At Castle Hill School, we have an Outreach Team, who visit pupils who are unable to attend school on a long-term basis. The Outreach Team provide lessons to individual pupils within their home on a weekly basis. The Outreach Team follow medical protocols, including the use of PPE, if required. The Outreach Team is led by the Communication Teacher, who plans and records the activities, which are personalised for each pupil. The Communication Teacher supports families to ensure that learning continues throughout the week. Home learning support is quality assured through individual Home Learning Records and Pupil Progress Documents, which are monitored by the Senior Leadership Team.  

School outreach provides

  • wellbeing support 
  • discussions regarding engagement and practical activity suggestions 
  • learning opportunities within the home context 
  • discussion around progress and next steps  
  • communication support, for example, Objects of Reference, visual timetables, Touch Cues 
  • behaviour and support strategies 
  • discussion around any referrals, for example, to the Physiotherapy Team, SALT 
  • additional support, advice or resources required
  • the opportunity to celebrate success and achievements. 

Home Learning Resources

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Letters and Sounds

Top Marks Letters and Sounds

Crick Web Literacy

Free Makaton Resources

Free resources from Oxford Owl to support early reading skills

Free resources from the Literacy Trust to support early reading skills

Free resources from the Literacy Company to support early reading skills

Free phonics resources and interactive games

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From simple cause and effect games to more complex composition

Simple Arts and Crafts Ideas

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Joe Wicks daily workouts (live streamed at 9.00)
*Please use with adult supervision*

GoNoodle Get Moving YouTube Channel 
* Please use with adult supervision*

Marvel Heroes themed workouts
* Please use with adult supervision*

Indoor active games - require some household items as resources and quite a lot of imagination.

Child friendly yoga and mindfulness
* Please use with adult supervision*

Dance workouts - require quite a lot of coordination!

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For parents to send any Science related photos

Nature Detectives is a source of activities for children, families and educators to engage, educate and enthuse children and young people with a lifelong love of, and concern for, the natural world.

Gardening activities and lesson ideas for children and young people

For ideas on outdoor learning opportunities

Online Activities for switch, touch-screen, mouse and eye-gaze

These activities are free. They are range of videos which pupils have to start by pressing (either using touch screen, mouse or target, you can decide which they use). These videos stop at times in order for the pupils to press them again.

HelpKidz Learn - Parents