Castle Hill School is an Academy within the Interaction and Communication Academy Trust (ICAT) 
Registered Office: Castle Hill School, Newsome Road South, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JL 
Registered in England & Wales, Company No. 10221189 
Castle Hill School: Newsome Road South, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD4 6JL | Tel: (01484) 544558| Email: 
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Achieving goals and fulfilling dreams

Our vision is reflected in our purpose, values, approach and aims.

Our purpose is to: 

  • provide education and learning

  • encourage curiosity and discovery

  • promote enjoyment, fun and wellbeing

  • facilitate independence, communication and student voice

Our values are:

  • tolerance

  • patience

  • respect

  • honesty

  • innovation

  • confidentiality

  • respect

Our approach is:

  • energetic

  • inclusive

  • challenging

  • holistic

  • compassionate

  • professional

  • encouraging

  • consistent

  • pleasurable

We aim to:

• Provide a warm, safe environment in which everyone is valued and respected.
• Ensure pupils have a voice in all aspects of school life.
• Offer a curriculum which is stimulating, challenging and fun.
• Promote equality of opportunity across the wide range of needs within the school.
• Enable individuals to become informed, responsible and caring through the use of appropriate learning,  teaching styles and practice.
• Prepare our pupils for adulthood in order for them to become caring, confident and responsible citizens in the community.
• Promote a climate of high expectation in which the achievements and successes are celebrated.
• Foster an inclusive practice within the school and its wider community.
• Create a partnership as a school with our parents and carers and all other professionals working with our pupils and students.
• Evaluate current working practices to ensure work-life balance, staff well-being and continuing professional development.
• Encouraging individuals to participate in the growth and development of Castle Hill School.

Over and above the objectives at Castle Hill, everybody has rights:

• Pupils – they have the right to work, play and learn and be in a friendly, safe and helpful school.
• Staff – they have a right to work in a friendly, safe and satisfying school which is supported by the school community.
• Parents and Carers – they have a right to feel welcome and to know that their children work, play and learn in a friendly, safe and helpful school.