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Castle Hill School Science Week Overview 2020


Science week will give students and staff the opportunity to engage in and enjoy science through the lens of the four CHS ‘Working Scientifically’ enquiry skills.


Explore, Investigate, Experiment and Discover via daily themes and activities or through daily class routines and lessons


Students will participate in a range of in class activities on a daily theme. Each class will keep a tally of each time a student or group engages with scientific enquiry and the class with the most points will be declared Castle Hill School Science Champions 2020 in assembly on Friday 13th November when we will celebrate the week with an (optional) ‘Dress Like a Scientist Day’ (Includes science related jobs or invention.)


CHS ‘Working Scientifically’ enquiry skills



•Initial experience of/ with a stimulus (object or theme)

•Undertake tactile, visual or sensory exploration of a stimulus (object or theme) supported or independently.


•Encounter beyond initial experience to determine sensory feedback. ie. What does it feel, smell, taste, look like? Is it big, small, rough or smooth? Is it alive, is it squishy, does it make a noise etc.


•Be presented with or ask simple ‘What if?’ questions.

•Observe closely, engage and show anticipation.

•Employ and manipulate simple tools to extend and enrich learning.


•Identify differences and similarities. Group and categorise.

•Discover answers to questions, ask new questions and repeat exploration, investigations and experiments to dig deeper.

Present findings as photographs of experiences, artistic creations or as data.


Explore   Investigate   Experiment   Discover

Suggested daily themes and activities (Mix n match at will)


Monday- Seasonal change


Tuesday- Living things and their habitats


Wednesday- Materials, forces and states of matter


Thursday- Sound and Light


Friday- Earth and space


Friday- Dress like a scientist day

(Inc. Scientific job or invention)