Our broad and balanced, age appropriate curriculum, encourages all students to mature into independent young people. We consolidate and enhance communication skills, in preparation for the future and ensure appropriate differentiation allowing students to access all areas of school life.

The curriculum areas allow students to follow both a subject and topic-based curriculum with programmes of study adapted from the National Curriculum, Literacy and Numeracy strategies, Equals documentation and QCA schemes of work.

Our students enjoy Numeracy, Literacy, ICT and PE in the mornings and topic-based activities in the afternoon. Topics are as varied, ranging from ‘Myself and People Everywhere’ and ‘Community and a Sense of Place’, to ‘The Great Outdoors’ and ‘Let me Entertain You’.

Our topic-based approach gives teachers the flexibility to plan an exciting and varied curriculum. Our department is registered with a variety of accreditation schemes including AQA and ASDAN. All schemes provide a range of personal, social and practical skill areas. ‘Bite size’ modules allow students to build a personalized profile of achievement tailored to individual needs and skills resulting in the accumulation of an unrestricted number of stand alone accredited modules.