Pre Key Stage Moderation

Castle Hill School are leading a Pre Key Stage (PKS) Discussion group. The group meets half termly to discuss the use of the Pre Key Stage Standards and to support colleagues in addressing the changes and implementing these effectively into their assessment policies.
In addition to the discussion group we are hosting Pre Key Stage moderation meetings for all schools across the authority on a termly basis. Contact Alison Ley at the Pennine Teaching School Alliance for further information, visit

Click here to see a selection of moderated work for PKS1 – PKS6 for reading, writing and maths.

P Level Moderation

The moderated work below has been internally and where possible, externally moderated. Castle Hill School would like to thank everyone that has participated in the moderation process.
Professionals from local schools and other educational settings are encouraged to attend.
For further information please contact:

To access moderated examples click on each link below. Moderated examples of work will be added on an on-going basis:

 P2i  policies_1 policies_1 
 P2ii policies_1  policies_1policies_1policies_1 policies_1
 P3i  policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1 policies_1
 P3ii  policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1policies_1
ICT Science
 P4  policies_1policies_1policies_1
 policies_1  policies_1policies_1
Reading Writing Maths
 policies_1policies_1  policies_1  policies_1
PKS 2  policies_1  policies_1  policies_1
PKS 3  policies_1policies_1    policies_1policies_1
PKS 4  policies_1    policies_1
PKS 5    policies_1  policies_1
PKS 6      policies_1

policies_1 Please click here to see our P5 to NC level moderation archive