We have a team of early years practitioners including our foundation teacher, nursery nurses and support assistants. Together we help to settle young children into the foundation class and support families and carers during the transition to school life.

Our class consists of children with severe and complex learning disabilities. Some of the children have physical disabilities and some have a hearing or visual impairment or have multi sensory impairments.

We also have provision for young children with autism. We have lots of fun as we work and play together.

We have one large classroom where we have created a stimulating environment for children to learn and develop. The room is bright and cheerful with lots of toys and specialist equipment. We display the children’s artwork on the walls. We have a carpeted area for floor play, music and movement and singing and wet areas for ‘messy’ activities. There is also a shared area where we can work and play with children in a quiet environment without distractions.

Our classroom looks out over a small enclosed playground where the children can play safely. It includes play equipment as well as bikes, tricycles and a swing which the children love.

Our Curriculum
Our pre-fives are working from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance (2014) which is used in all Nurseries and Early Years settings.

Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development (3 Prime Areas)
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design (4 specific areas)

Get set, go topic overview

When your child starts school we would be very happy for you to spend as much time as you like in the Foundation Class to ensure that your child settles nicely. We would like you to feel confident that your child is settled and happy. We keep in contact with you on a daily basis through the child’s News Book or Big Mack’s to report on daily activities and events. Parents are welcome to use these books to pass on messages from home. We also encourage parents to visit school as often as they like.

When they are 5 years old our pupils move into Key Stage 1 phase of their education. They are supported by our Key Stage 1 teachers, nursery nurses and assistants.