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Pupil Premium Policy

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2022

Our Pupil Premium Strategy is based on a process of plan, do, review.


In the year 2021-22 Castle Hill School has 32.3% of learners who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. This means, for 2021-22, that the school will receive £41,230 exclusive of LAC and Catch-up funding. Our learners who are eligible for pupil premium funding are not underachieving in comparison to their peers. This is due to our relentless commitment to personalised learning around the holistic needs of the individual.

There will be a review of the delivery of Pupil Premium in Autumn 2022.

Delivery of Pupil Premium
Our school curriculum is enhanced by using Pupil Premium, in part, to provide enriching activities for our pupils. These activities are selected to promote motivation for communication, physical development, regulation and wellbeing. We also have a number of Pupil Premium Champions who work with our pupils on a 1 to 1 or small group basis, delivering enhanced communication sessions.

The Pupil Premium Champions work closely with class teachers to ensure that progress towards each pupils targets are being tracked and evaluated.

Music Therapy
Richard from Nordorf-Robbins uses music therapy to interact and stimulate communication with our pupils. Music provides opportunities for engagement, allowing our pupils to express themselves, interact, and be active participants.

Sport Provision/After School Club

Lewis and Richard from Omnis CIC deliver a range of sport and physical development activities to classes. They ensure the activities are inclusive and adapted for our pupils. They also support our After School Club, working with Katrina and our team.

Dance Provision

Jamie from Arty-Physical provides dance sessions to our pupils. These can range from working with a small group towards a performance, developing their physical skills and confidence, or work with a pupil, using dance as a means of establishing and developing communication.

Pupil Premium Champions

We completed an internal Pupil Premium review (October 2020), led by Alison Ley, Director of the Pennine Teaching and Learning Development Centre . We requested a review as delivery had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an action from the review of our Pupil Premium delivery, we have widened our range of staff that deliver Pupil Premium sessions within school. This broadens our skill set and activities that we can provide.

We have a new team of skilled school staff that can provide regular interventions focussed on child-centred targets and learning opportunities. The Pupil Premium Team carefully track progress, develop next steps, and assess those within the next session. A progress tracking document for each Pupil Premium student has been created, including information on previous and current targets and a table for PiPs and observations of learning which is updated following each 1:1 session. The Pupil Premium Team have collaborated with class teachers to discuss progress and review targets on a session-by-session basis, ensuring learning is appropriately scaffolded and progress is made.


Click here for our Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2022

In the year 2020-2021 Castle Hill School had 34 learners who were eligible for Pupil Premium funding. 13 primary students were allocated £1,345 per child. 21 Secondary students were allocated £955 per child. This means, for 2020-21, that the school received £37,540.


Use of Pupil Premium 2020-2021


Previous academic year Pupil Premium funding information is available upon request.