We held our first Castlefest on Friday 21st June.
CastleFest is a joyful opportunity to celebrate our relationships within the community, to come together and share our successes.
Our students can be less visible than their peers in public circles: we wish to be part of a cultural shift which promotes and supports an inclusive wider community. This is an inherently collaborative goal, which includes many of our link-groups with other schools, organisations around Newsome and further a-field.
We wish to have a focus point, a driver to maintain these relationships over time so while group leaders, schoolteachers and other organisers may come and go, the long-lasting relationship is maintained for the good of the students, community and others involved.
We wish to highlight the brilliant work our students and their partners in the community do and showcase the effort and output, adding purpose and an extra note of pride to our everyday activities. We are incredibly proud of our students, grateful for our relationships with our community groups and moved by the effort everybody puts into our activities together.
CastleFest is a celebration for all – this is our first annual community arts festival celebrating collaboration, relationships and community. Thank you for being part of it. Long may it last!