Secondary and Sixth Form students have been working alongside pupils from Newsome Junior and Newsome High Schools on an art project to create collaborative work. The students have participated in a series of workshops led by artist Fabric Lenny and have experienced new approaches to drawing that have encouraged everyone to use their imaginations, be creative, be individual and experiment.

Students drew pictures by themselves and with the pupils from the other schools; they created images of themselves as a creature and animal, drew portraits of each other and drew still life drawings of flowers.  By the end of the project hundreds of pictures had been created. A selection of these pictures have been used to create an amazing collection of collaborative images that can be seen here and also framed and displayed in school.

Please click an image below to view an enlarged version.

BW-Flowers-Landscape animal-explosion animals-001-landscape BW-portrait-portraits-001 Flowers-Portrait Knights rainbow-friends three-landscape