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Janine Hemingway

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Bernadette Daly

My Typical Day

Janine Hemingway – Catering Supervisor

Article taken from ‘Kirklees Life’ Edition 8
‘Coming from a family of butchers, bakers and caterers I always thought I’d go into catering. When I left school I started as an apprentice in school kitchens before leaving to have a baby.

Then for many years I had my own sandwich shop and catering business in the Pack Horse Centre in Huddersfield.  I needed a fresh start and knew that I wanted to go back into school kitchens; I’ve now been at Castle Hill for 18 months.


The pupils at our school have complex needs linked to physical or health difficulties so we cater to the dietary needs of each individual, such as gluten or dairy free and we make finger foods for those who eat with their hands. Some children also need their meals to be liquidised, so we do each part of the meal separately so they can see the different colours and taste the individual foods.

One of our children has serious allergies so his food has to be cooked separately to anything that he could have a reaction to. We also make packed lunches for school trips, and liquidised meals that can be heated up so that no-one feels left out.

Lunch times are lively and challenging; each pupil has a support worker to help them eat, but I also help out. Not all the children want to eat so I try to encourage them; I talk to them and tell them that I made their lunch especially for them, give them special plates with pictures on and even sing to them!

I absolutely love my job. It’s not easy and wouldn’t suit everyone but no two days are ever the same. My friends and family all agree that I’m in the right job as I absolutely love children and would love to foster if I had more bedrooms.

When not at work I’m kept busy by my sons; on muddy sports fields cheering on my youngest son playing football, and with my oldest son who recently got married.

I also love letting my hair down and having fun with friends.’