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Who are we?

At Castle Hill School there are 6 Local Governing Body governors and the Principal (ex.officio).

The Local Governing Body at Castle Hill school is made up of all different ‘types’ of local governors:

Parent governors – elected from parents of registered pupils at the school.
Kristy Dyson

• Community governors – appointed by members of the Local Governing Body who are not themselves co-opted, they are intended to be representatives of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.

Til Wright
Rev. Julie Anderson

• Staff governors – people who work in school and are elected by their colleagues. There are two different types, teaching and non-teaching staff governors.
Jayne Askew
Katrina Whale

Principal – ex officio member by virtue of the office they hold
Steve Perren

What we do:

The governors at Castle Hill School meet at least twice every term to discuss the running of the school. This would include looking at:

• The school’s budget and various policies e.g. behaviour, sex and relationship education
• Performance management
• The overall ethos and direction of the school
• Long-term planning
• Target setting for pupils
• Staffing structures


Please click on the thumbnail for the proposed details of meetings from October 2023 to July 2024


Please click on the thumbnail for the 2023/24 Academic year Governor Register of Interests


Please click on the thumbnail for the 2022/23 Academic year Governor meeting attendance information.


Please click the thumbnail for past meeting minutes.

The Local Governing Body  play both a strategic and operational role, meaning that they focus on the underlying issues of school management and practical active topics. They are involved in reviewing exclusions and dealing with any cases of staff appeals.

The governors also focus on improvement and achievement and they play an important role in accountability. Not only is the Principal accountable to the Local Governing Body, but the Local Governing Body in turn is accountable to parents/carers, the Board of Directors and the Members and ultimately the Department For Education.

How to contact us

If you wish to be a governor in the future please contact the school and we will contact you when a vacancy occurs.

Til Wright.jpg

Chair of Governors
Til Wright

Til has born and brought up in Rotherham, but spent her working life in Leeds. She now lives in Huddersfield. She took early retirement 10 years ago but has kept up to date with safeguarding and related issues. She was a teacher for 25 years then went in to senior management in the LA. She had a broad remit which included serious case reviews, safeguarding, liaison with head teachers. Most recently she has been the safeguarding governor at Huddersfield New College for 8 years. She is used to working in difficult/sensitive situations.

Steve Perren.jpg

Steve Perren

Steve has been the Principal here at Castle Hill School since January 2018. Prior to this he was Head of School and then Acting Principal. Steve came to Castle Hill from Highfields School in 2006, when the school was first built and over the years he has had the privilege of seeing the school grow and develop. Since that time the school has gone through a lot of exciting changes and developments, including the construction of our ReWorks Eco Build . Our latest development is to join the Together Learning Trust which is due to take place in 2024.  The school continues to evolve and change and Steve feels fortunate to be part of this ongoing dynamic process.

jayne askew.jpg

Staff Governor
Jayne Askew

Jayne has been a class teacher at Castle Hill school since it opened in 2006 and previously at Highfields school. She now works part-time as the communication teacher in school,  liaising with the Speech and Language Therapist, setting up low and high tech communication systems, running communication groups and being part of the curriculum working party. She also is responsible for maintaining and resourcing the Chill Den – and making sure everyone keeps it tidy!  Jayne is a mum to adult triplet daughters, one of whom was a pupil in our school. She has first hand experience of life with a special needs child and this has enriched her role as a teacher.


Community Governor
Rev. Julie Anderson

Julie is the local vicar and has 3 churches in Newsome, Armitage Bridge and South Crosland.  She has lived in Huddersfield since April 2018 but her roots are farther north in Durham.  

Before becoming a vicar Julie had an eclectic mix of jobs including building motorways, running a hospital department, working for the Environment Agency and running a pub!  During those years she was involved in running youth clubs and after school activities as her children grew up.


As a vicar Julie has worked in a very deprived area of Liverpool before moving to Cambridge;  but her northern roots called her back to work in and serve families who don’t always find life easy.


She has sat on governing bodies for many years and believes that being part of the community is vital to her role in the church and making a commitment to serve the families in those communities is essential.  


Julie is passionate about giving every child the same opportunities to grow and learn and to show them that they are capable of achieving great things if they put their minds to it!  She feels privileged to be a part of Castle Hill School as it goes from strength to strength!


Staff Governor
Katrina Whale

Katrina has been working at Castle Hill School as an Enrichment Activities Facilitator since 2013, this role involves project management and fundraising.  She has a background in teaching Dance and Performing Arts in Primary, Secondary Schools and Further Education settings. Alongside her role at Castle Hill, she works as a freelance Creative Producer on a range of Arts and Community Projects. As part of this work, she is the Project Manager for Action for Autism and Asperger’s Barnsley.  Katrina is passionate about developing opportunities for children with in school and people across the community, particularly those living with challenging circumstanced, to engage with uplifting creative experiences that are outside their usual day to day lives.

Parent Governor
Kristy Dyson

Kristy Dyson.jpg

Kristy has been involved with Castle Hill School since her son joined in September 2019. She has a Business Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel and Development, as well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has 15 years experience of working in Human Resources, for both public and private organisations. She will use her transferable skills involved with advising and supporting Managers and Staff on policies and procedures, as well as a parent’s perspective to the role. Kristy is keen and excited to support everyone in school.


Kristy is now a full-time mum, who understands the very busy life of a special needs parent. She also appreciates the advocacy needed to ensure that children receive the support and care they need to fulfil their potential. Outside of school, Kristy and her family are very active. They enjoy the great outdoors and try to ensure that inclusion is at the heart of everything they do.


Click on the symbol to access the Castle Hill School Local Governing Body Terms of Reference

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ICAT Member information is available here
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