COVID-19 Catch Up Plan

The initial autumn term fund will be allocated to: 

-Outreach, specifically for students receiving Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) and those shielding 

-Structural changes to school to meet AGP need

-Training and resources regarding AGP need

-General PPE resources which have enabled access to education for all students.


Catch up and recovery

The following charts show Castle Hill Level achievement for each key stage at the beginning of the autumn term and at the end of the summer term for English and Maths.

They also provide a comparator of achievement from last year (2019). Both charts show progress in the COVID year has decreased. 

Additionally, we can see the impact of the school closure is less evident in English, than in Maths. In general, there is more positive change in English (green) in the 2020 column than in Maths over the year.



Our new Numeracy and Literacy pathways have been launched recently and our focus for lesson observations in the autumn term is ‘The Application of the Literacy Pathway’, next term it will be ‘The Application of the Numeracy Pathway’.


This process will help us quality assure and monitor progress and catch up in these areas.      


Case studies will further help us understand if interventions are needed and where they should be applied.


In conclusion, the Spring and Summer catch up funding will be spent on intervention and catch up sessions related to outcomes. Assessment of success will be evidenced in our final assessment report for 2020-21 and in further case studies

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Recovery Celebration video