We are proud to announce that on the 1st September 2016 Castle Hill School became a part of the Interaction and Communication Academy Trust (ICAT).

policies_1 ICAT Master Funding Agreement
policies_1 Castle Hill School Supplementary Funding Agreement
policies_1 Castle Hill School Deed of Variation
policies_1 Memorandum of association
policies_1 Articles of association
policies_1ICAT Annual Report and Financial Accounts 2016/17

Academy trusts prepare accounts for the year from 1st September to 31st August. Our trust was formed in June 2016, although the first school, Castle Hill, joined the trust on September 1st 2016. Therefore the first accounts will be prepared in autumn 2017 and will cover the period from 8 June 2016, when the company was formed, to 31st August 2017.

ICAT Financial information

Click here to access the ICAT website for further information.