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We have set up the Castle Hill School Fundraising Committee in order to support our pupils by raising money for targeted issues within school and to provide opportunities for families and school to further a  sense of community. Over the school year we hope to organise a number of events and activities that will bring families into school and help raise awareness and funds.

In the past we have successfully fundraised for our School Library and a Sensory Pod. Our fundraising focus is now directed towards the development of our Sensory Integration resource.

Many of our students have difficulty in processing sensory information. In order to support the students in the development of their sensory processing skills, or to help them to maintain a state of calm attentiveness for other areas of learning, a variety of physical “Sensory Integration” activities may be provided. These activities can be seen as part of gross and fine motor control development work. Possible activities may include: carrying heavy objects wearing a weighted vest, weighted hat, or weighted shorts, wearing wrist or ankle weights using a weighted lap pad or weighted blanket , pushing or pulling objects and activities jumping and bouncing on/with items, tug of war “push of war” between partners, using swings etc.

As such we are aiming to raise funds for the following equipment. We hope you can help.


We also support a number of other charities and causes throughout the year. Recently we have supported Jeans for Genes, the Forget Me Not Trust, Wear it Pink Day, Martin House, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Children in Need and Red Nose Day.

If you wish to know more about our fundraising or to offer us a donation or sponsorship please contact Steve Perren, Principal or Howard Owen, Business Manager.

Tel: 01484 544558. E-mail:

We fundraise for:


Communication Aids

Communication is the fundamental right of every person. It’s what makes us human. Many of our students cannot communicate using speaking and listening, they use PECS symbols, sign language and some use communication aids. These are specialist pieces of equipment which vary in price from £10 to £14,000. Without these aids many of our children wouldn’t have a voice.

Here at Castle Hill we rely on charitable donations and fundraising to meet the communication needs of our students. We continually fund raise to meet our students needs and replace old and out of date communication aids. We are very lucky to be supported by the Round Table, Huddersfield Lions and Lamplighters and would like to thank them for all the support they give us.

Please visit the Inclusive Technology Website for some of the aids we use.


Graduation Celebration

Every year we hold a Graduation Day Celebration for our students who are leaving school.

We are very lucky to have been regularly supported in this by Cummins Turbo Technologies, Forever Green Florists, SSL Limousines and Huddersfield Town FC who help to make this event a success. Parents and families also support our fundraising for this event.