Monthly Archives: June 2019

Primary shared area

We are excited to announce that we have re-developed our primary shared area. The space has been specifically designed to provide a defined low stimulation environment where students can enjoy a wide variety of  physical development and sensory regulation activities.

DSC_0447 DSC_0446

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Smile

Provided to us by Locala.
Oral health booklet for parent carers of a child or young person with a disability or additional need. ‘Healthy Teeth, Healthy Smile’ was developed by Locala PHEYs Calderdale Oral Health Team in partnership with Locala Dental Care and parents attending Unique Ways.

Download your PDF copy here

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice Walk

Thankfully the weather was kind to us and everyone did so well during sports week, completing laps of school to raise money for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. In total, we completed over 500 laps of the school grounds, which is a fantastic achievement in the space of a week! We rounded the week off with the whole school completing one lap together alongside representatives from Forget Me Not, who were blown away by the efforts of students and staff.

‘Wizard of Oz’ on 10 May, by M+M Productions

‘We were very lucky to get the opportunity to see a performance of ‘Wizard of Oz’ on 10 May, by M+M Productions. Their performances are always of a very high quality, and this one was no exception. Our pupils really enjoyed the performance! Many thanks to Happy Days Charity for funding this performance, and for their continued support for our school’

Jessie’s Fund visit

On May 15th, we all indulged in a full Day of Music! In addition to exciting musical journeys in our classrooms, we were delighted to welcome the wonderful Joe Harrison-Greaves and Ali Mac, professional musicians working with Jessie’s Fund. Joe and Ali brought us some fun and joyful new ways to play with music! Joe and Ali directed a big group session in the hall, first thing, during which we took a journey through the jungle and met lions, crocodiles, snakes and elephants! We all played drums or used body percussion, keeping a beat and tapping out rhythms. Joe and Ali then ran small group sessions for students from primary, secondary and our sixth form, where we visited the noisy cities and calm country-side, or took journeys on the ocean. Everybody had a wonderful time learning through music and we will continue to develop the skills we practised with Joe and Ali through our music sessions in class.