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The curriculum is designed to stimulate our students to acquire knowledge and develop skills; it is balanced, broad and flexible.

Pupils’ achievements are celebrated regularly and we hope that they feel proud of their learning. We try to allow our pupils to be as independent as possible in order for them to develop social skills and feel confident in all that they do.

Every classroom is well resourced and designed to meet the pupils’ needs. A selection of rooms in school are also equipped to deliver the specialist subjects and to provide extra resources for the pupils.

Our creative curriculum allows us to take programmes of study from a wide variety of sources to ensure the learning programs provided are bespoke and child centred.

The curriculum is balanced and broad and reflects our child centred approach:
Please click on each thumbnail to access each departments curriculum for 2016 – 17.

To find out more about the curriculum please contact a member of the Curriculum Working Party:
Steve Perren – Acting Principal.
Zoe Parker – Assistant Principal
Kiersti Dickinson – Class Teacher (TLR)
Alistair MacDonald – Class Teacher
Jayne Askew – Communication Teacher

Castle Hill Curriculum Model











‘Please click on the link below to the 3 year topic cycle which outlines the topics that are covered over a three year period. This also refers to the main subject area that of the topic focus.’

policies_1 3 year topic cycle

‘The following link to the Curriculum Overview clearly explains Castle Hill School’s approach to the curriculum.’

policies_1Curriculum overview

The Curriculum Working Party was devised in 2016 with the hope to redevelop the Curriculum to reflect out topic based, child-centred approach. The Curriculum Working Party have created a series of ‘Curriculum Guides’ which are used to inform teachers’ medium term planning. Please see below for the Summer term guides for the topics ‘The World Around Me’ (Primary) and ‘Around the World’ (Secondary and Sixth Form).’

Curriculum guides
policies_1Reading – Around the World  policies_1Speaking & Listening – Around the World
policies_1Writing – Around the World

policies_1Maths – Around the World

policies_1Expressive Arts

policies_1Knowledge and Understanding of the World
policies_1Physical Development
policies_1PHSE – Around the World

‘At Castle Hill School all our pupils have access to bespoke programmes of communication support.  Consequently our approach to phonics varies dependent on each pupil’s needs.  For more information please see our Communication and Language Policy.’

‘The following information is specific to the Sixth Form Department. Students in the Sixth Form are given the opportunity to participate in OCR Functional Skills for Entry Level 1, 2 & 3 in ICT, English and Maths. These qualifications are generally available for pupils taking ASDAN PSD who can cope with exam conditions. Exams are generally taken in Year14, with exceptions for gifted and talented pupils.’

Sixth Form
policies_1New Sixth Form Overview
policies_1ASDAN PP 3 year plan
policies_1ASDAN PSD 3 year plan
policies_1Sixth Form long term plan year 1, 2 , 3


policies_1 Communication and Language Policy
policies_1 Expressive Arts and Design Policy
policies_1 Humanities Policy
policies_1 Maths Policy
policies_1 Music Policy
policies_1 PE Policy
policies_1 PSHE and Citizenship Policy
policies_1 RE Policy
policies_1 Sex & Relationship Education

View more policies here.

Anonymised examples of planning:

policies_1 Early Years
policies_1 Primary
policies_1 Secondary
policies_1 Sixth Form

policies_1 Multi-Sensory Curriculum Booklet

policies_1 Accreditation and Qualifications

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